Different Types of Leather Bags

Bags have existed since the dawn of time. The first men picked up their game in a rudimentary pouch created from animal skin. We have not changed our way to sort. Today, we always use animal skin in small leather goods. However, she is more worked and you stand rather personal and professional effects instead of game.

Types of leather for everyone

Fashion has its quirks. Therefore, the bags follow them and adopt different styles. However, we can distinguish several types of leather bag: the satchels, handbags, pouches and bags.

Handbag, wallet and bag wife

The bags can be used for various situations. So, choose a certain type of baggage depending on the use you want to do: carry a lot of items you need, make a good impression… In other words, there adapt the style and type of his bag according to the situation in which it wishes to be.

For example, we can afford a bag in hand for daily use. Indeed, a leather handbag for women will allow to store a number of items.We can find a telephone, tissues, papers or even shoes. Hand luggage do not have a unique size. Thus, we can adapt the size of the bag depending on the number of cases to carry.

Unlike the handbag, leather cover will aim rather at parties dressed. Indeed, the cover is a little bigger than the portfolio model.Therefore, we can store more, but much less than with a handbag.
Finally, the satchel leather has the same capacity as a handbag. However, it is worn slung and not by hand.

Satchel and bag man

What is the difference between a leather man bag and you say a man leather wallet? Well he should know that the satchel is larger than the bag.

In addition, it is equipped with a flap unlike the satchel which typically has zipper. It is worth noting that the satchel leather is both a fashion accessory and a light article. The leather will allow him to withstand time and to keep your items warm.

The leather bag is used by nomadic men who need to have it all on them with elegance. So, rather that move with a big bag, prefer the purse which is smaller and more convenient.

Travel bag

When you travel there always need to have its business around. It is necessary to take the plane, train or car, a travel bag .

The leather is a material essential for luggage in hand. It may contain many things and withstand friction. Thus, leather travel bag is an excellent choice when you want to go on the road in the world.