Desa Nineteen Seventy Two Handbags

Careful collection to tradition for a unique product that meets the needs of all women combining comfort, elegance and attention to detail.

Desa Nineteenseventytwo is a new luxury handbag and accessories brand that has just debuted with the Spring-Summer 2014 collection under the creative direction of Yossi Cohen in collaboration with the talent of Massimo Effects fashion scouts. Craftsmanship, research and design are the elements that characterize this collection from the rich style of references to the traditions and cultures of different places.

Desa Nineteenseventytwo is a collection that combines the highest quality materials from a ‘manufacturing industry of the skin has long established itself in the international arena.While colors and shapes are the result of the work of a fashion designer multifaceted. This mix of elements has made ​​possible the creation of an original style aimed at a woman looking for a luxury without performances, hypermodern elegance, clear and simple, but with deep roots that recall the tradition.

The entire collection is inspired by the art and Ottoman architecture with hexagonal geometry revived throughout the collection this season. The hexagon fact back in the volumes of the clutch, in the largest shopping bag and even in the tunnels of the skin. A careful search of the details and processing that eliminates everything superfluous, to ensure greater portability making everything almost minimal.
The shades chosen in Desa collection Nineteenseventytwo ranging from white to black, often placed in opposition to one another. But also blue or light colors like sand. The contrasts as well as the colors are often found in materials such as python and caribou, neoprene and canvas or brushed silk effect with suede. Read Percomputer for Samsung Galaxy bags.

The top models of the spring-summer 2014, the Seven, the Six and Twentytwo. The first occurs with large volumes and comfortable with the variants of python sand-colored, contemporary neoprene with soft leather handles and embellished with white and blacks hexagonal microtrafori. The latter is also in this recall Six model that goes to create light and shadow. The compact design, rectangular lines and purity in the form are the elements of Twentytwo model, perfect in python version and silky total black.
Nineteenseventytwo Desa is a fresh collection and at the same time attentive to tradition and cultures to create a unique product ideal that meets the needs of all women joining together comfort and elegance without neglecting the quality of materials and attention to detail.