Collection Bags The Pandorine 2013

There are big ones and small ones, but there is a place for midi. The universe of Pandorine handbags for spring / summer is beautiful because of this

April 3, 2013

You know the “The Pandorine” bags? I’m sure you do, but just not to be in doubt, today I want to introduce their new spring / summer 2013, and talk a bit ‘of this “magic” brand.

Who I am?

The brand was born in Milan in 2008 after meeting two women, the designers Chiara Felici and Manuela box. The brand name is inspired by the legend of the “Pandora’s box”, symbol of feminine curiosity and underlying theme of all the collections. Since 2008, the firm creates and markets large shopping bag with a great value. To learn more you can go on their website

The collection

Looking at the new SS 2013 collection The Pandorine, you realize almost read a diary where every woman finds herself part of the pages, thanks to the phrases that summarize the thought of the brand to life.

To make the head and above the base of the collection are the infinite amount of shapes and patterns of the details in the new materials for the brand. The heart of the brand is your source of inspiration, in this case the best women of the silver screen, cartoon and fashion. See travel backpacks on

I materiali

The Pandorine the new collection are faux leather, weft type ostrich or even rubberized canvas, to give a special touch to new lines to a collection unique and inimitable. Only for design and inspiration, and for the wide range of models that blend to all women thanks to the skillful eye for detail.

The models

10 is the number of models, in which two big and mini version

classic Bag

She is the classic handbag The Pandorine, has double metal handles, the exterior and a roomy interior pocket closed-remains among the best-selling while reinventadosi in many colors, from tobacco to tone-cream and white, through gray up the green and white and turquoise and white.

New Luxury

Even as the New Luxury Classic bag has double metal handles. The effect is in the back of plot type ostrich and colorful, besides super spacious.

the Mini

She is the baby of Le Pandorine. The shoulder strap is made of metal and has inserts of the same color of the bag. Despite the size, the mini gives determination to any outfit thanks to the countless colors such as blue or gray and tobacco.

Big Bag

She is perhaps the more practical among the bags of Le Pandorine. Remaining a simple clutch, it is revised to always be modern and suitable for all circumstances.

Pon Pon

With this bag thanks to double silver handles and graphics, it will seem to have two bags instead of one.

La Postina

Perhaps the most beautiful of the new bags of Le Pandorine, the postman has the handle in silver short, and the details of faux leather, as well as the adjustable shoulder strap. In different colors, from white to turquoise to pink.


The name is inspired strongly to the sail shape, and as a real boat the bag is very large: white, emphasizes the graphics drawn, while at the back there are different colored flowers.Finally a small edge in matching tones with the handle, makes it all the more alive the bag.The handle is twisted and short.

Mad e Mad mini

Two of them are born from the union of the ideas of Le Pandorine in collaboration with fashion designer Maddalena Sisto also for the 2013 collection have designed a capsule.Around 14 thoughts with their hilarious phrases, are the protagonists of a PVC bag with handles and profiles that are in conflict with each other, from the iconic shape of the brand, in colors ranging from the oldest of combinations, such as white and gray, reaching the strongest combinations like white and strawberry, and rose with the dove.