Climbing Backpacks

Almost everyone who likes to travel, knows the problem: What backpack I take on my tour? The practical carrying aids are available in all sizes, shapes and colors from a variety of manufacturers. you can buy backpacks in any well-stocked shop, whether online or in stores. And often you will be spoiled for choice!

How long does my tour? What I want to take? What kind of luxury I allow myself go? – All these questions that the ambitious outdoor fan before his tour. I myself possess four backpacks in all standard sizes – from small 32 liter pack miracle to huge 80 liter Topb2bwebsites. And I had to learn. Gladly I remember our first 4-day tour in the Eifel back: We planned our first tour and had eat on the way, as we would before a six-week tour of Lapland. I borrowed a 100 liter backpack from a friend: From gas stove over coffee, ready meals, tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads – everything was there. One would have us may suspend on a desert island for three weeks.

Over the years, the backpacks were becoming smaller and only the bare minimum came on tour. We quickly said goodbye every day having to put on clean socks of the presentation and learned to make as much as possible at home. A purchased specially for the first tour tent 4.5 kg dust since then in the cellar.

Certainly we do not expect our backpack content using Excel spreadsheets, and now and then we could get a little too much baggage, but with the right packing technique ( Manual 1 / Manual 2 ) and the knowledge that every kilo will be worn , we get pretty good at our tours.

And what the heck now be?

Whether trekking, tours, day or climbing backpack – each backpack has its advantages and disadvantages and should be matched as possible to the project. It almost goes without saying that a heavy trekking rucksack with many loops and rubber bands are not particularly well suited to commit climbing routes. Not imagine what can happen when one is caught with the loops somewhere.

Ultimately, it remains up to you which model he chooses. Apart from color, price and functionality play of course also the quality and processing a decisive role. I will never forget how my best friend took (no outdoor fans!) On a trip through Canada a backpack for 10 € from the dime store. All efforts to dissuade him from the project failed.To make it short: Already from the arrival at Montreal airport, he was allowed to wear his backpack two weeks long with only one carrier.