Choose the Right Handbag

It does not touch the hand of a woman bag! The men, husbands, children, everyone knows this rule, and it’s not for nothing … It would put the whole world if we could.

Several criteria are to be considered to find the suitable model:

  • The Colour
  • material
  • Size
  • The form
  • The style

In addition to helping to enhance your figure, your handbag should also suit your lifestyle.

“If these last two criteria are not met, then the bag in question, even if it is the finest, most expensive, most trendy … is not done for you.”

So what form of purse priority for my figure?

To answer this question, we must speak of the concept of volume. Brands have understood this principle of proportion. They offer the same type of bag in two (or more) formats, size S, M or L to give satisfaction to all body types of women and that each is benefiting … We love it!

If you’re rather small and thin, prefers a bag with a small or medium format to harmonize your silhouette. Therefore avoids the high volume, otherwise we will not see you anymore! By cons, you can rejoice, because you can carry your bags as you see fit; shoulder, hand, or shoulder while you will.

If you’re tall, your possibilities are larger. However careful not to choose too small a bag because it may be too much contrast with your silhouette.

If you are tall and slender shapes and that your hobby is loose bags, then treat yourself! Regarding the shape of the bag, favors models that break with your slender and svelte silhouette. For example, you can choose a bowling bag or for your evenings, a pouch worn on the shoulder.

If you’re round, selected a rather large bag that will give an optical effect favorable to your silhouette. Beware the bag form, which tends to accentuate the curves in general.

If you have a large chest, prefers shoulder bags or carry in hand, to align the top and bottom of your body. In short, avoid bags that stop at the height of your chest.

If you have marked the waist or hips marked adopts a bag worn on the shoulder that better draw your silhouette. Know that the shoulder bag is not your best friend, because you still venture to score more this part of your body and weigh your look by adding volume. However, if you do not have hips, then the shoulder bag is your best friend.

Each woman has her preferences bag, but it is also important to consider your figure into your choice, to be in harmony with you and to enhance your look with style and femininity!