Child Backpack DIY

Backpack for kids do it yourself? Here are so many perfect models for leisure and school. Typical tools and materials needed to carry them out of sewing or knitting. For the rest, you can wander between the decoration of the rucksack with little eyes, flowers, dolls and diverse ideas that you can find in the gallery.
To make a backpack kids DIY is good to create a pattern that may help us in the work.
Once you have printed the template or you will have it reproduced on paper, then you can start building your children’s backpack.

Here is the pattern of the carrier

As regards the measures, try to calculate roughly the same size as lightweight rucksack already used by your kids. Considered that, since the package in the House less resistant to the industrial one, you will certainly get a backpack like the one for school or a packaged.

The fabric should be of a quality as strong as nylon or cotton often. Better if you bought waterproofed … with kids you never know!

Of course plan the type of sewing machine you have available to avoid the inconvenience of not being able to sew right on the most beautiful.

  1. Cut out the body of the carrier, following the pattern and sew the edges so perfectly matched, obviously from the inner side of the backpack.
  2. It will be good to do a basting stitch by hand and then go to the sewing machine
    To facilitate Assembly work, you can also go ahead gradually ironed with hot iron and some steam edges: this system will allow you to fold the bag, making it the shape you want for to the end.
  3. Of course, depending on the model, you expect long zip or buttons.Please note that the section on closings can be done even at the end of the work, perhaps with the help of a haberdasher who will advise you on the best on zip or locks better suited to the materials used.

And we come to the harness:

This part of the work is very delicate because the suspenders, along with part of the backpack that will support on the shoulder, should be very comfortable. As you will see in the pictures, lightweight backpacks can also be fitted with straps of string, says Medicinelearners. One bucket backpack or heavier must instead be padded shoulder harness or double fabric. You can fill the sponge or cloth straps, revising the machine to stop the fabric layers. Also consider that backpacks and bags can be accompanied and made with soft materials such as recycled towels.

Finally, the shoulder straps should be appropriate for the age of your child: the best way is to do various tests and tests of comfort by engaging their children, perhaps filling the bag with some small weight.

Now sew the whole thing.
Then, if you like DIY decorations that we suggested to the image gallery, you can achieve them with fabric, fabric colors, decals etc.