Buy Nike Travel Bag

Are you planning a trip? Indeed, the bag becomes an essential as soon as you leave home for several days or several weeks.

Yet, it is not obvious to invest in a suitcase. A suitcase does not fit everyone since each person has its particular needs and requirements.

Choose a suitcase or travel bag Nike

If you travel often, it is strongly recommended tohave a solid case, big enough in case one must bring several outfits and accessories.

But it won’t stop there if you are athletic or passionate fashion, need you a suitcase that is tailored to your dress look. Very often, these are the reasons why we turn to a suitcase or travel bag Nike.

Choose Nike, it’s primarily opt for expertise. You’re certainly not supposed to know that the mark is a leader in sports equipment.

The Nike brand exists since 1971, which is more than 45 years of experience who refine your suitcase Nike sport or your suitcase cabin Nike.

Nike items, including the Nike travel bags are ultra rugged.They fear neither the time nor the weight simply because they are designed to carry all kinds sports facilities which are very often heavy.

The travel bags and suitcase Nike were also a hit with men for their design style and not too seeing as well as their color very often neutral.

A Nike trolley suitcase does not so choose outfits. It is suitable for all styles: casual, chic, semi-classe, glamour, and of course sports.

How to choose his Nike travel bag?

Several criteria are when we have to buy a suitcase. Prior to the purchase of his Nike bag, be sure the suitcase will handle Affairs of which you should bring on a trip or on a trip.

For a particular athlete, his suitcase must be able to contain its sports facilities.

For a person who travels often for travel accessories, a Nike rigid suitcase with wheels will make his case.

In short, these points are far from unimportant when we want to be satisfied with his purchase of suitcase Nike.

The weight of the suitcase

If you hope to be able to bring many things for your trip, consider buying a light backpack at Vintagewill.

More light, less it will tire.

And if you travel by plane, the weight of the baggage is limited, a large suitcase lightweight Nike will benefit you a few and less weight to bring other things into the suitcase.

The practicality

he practicality counts especially for trips during which the activity is not limited to the pool and the hotel room.

Those who can afford a Nike suitcase on wheels with handle can better enjoy their trip since the baggage can be moved almost effortlessly.

The goal is to have a cheap Nike suitcase that combines strength and practicality.

A suitcase with two or more compartments including what it is more perfect. This allows you to keep a tidy suitcase wherever you are.


The best dimensions will be ones you will allow a minimum space of reserve once you have all your belongings inside.

The trips are very often synonyms for purchase.

It may be you get you a few memories of your holiday, so it is better to have room in your suitcase rigid Nike to take it home afterwards.

Comparison of models Nike

To help you save time and save money on thepurchase of your cabin bag Nike, our comparison guide offers some models of bags and suitcases that we tested on Amazon.

These bags have been selected for the quality of their material, their practicality and robustness.

Nike Departure III Boston bag

Looking for a bag that is both practical and pretty? You have to hand over a suitcase full of great cheap brand and who will actively participate to make pleasant trips.

This cabin Nike Departure III Boston suitcase is the best bag fits those who prefer luggage compartment.

It has many pockets on the outside and inside compartments that allow you to have a suitcase always tidy and always keep at hand the business you often need.

It will no longer be a headache to find the right place for shoes. Zip down compartment is reserved for the shoes. Even with small dimensions, the Interior of the bag is very spacious.

The handles and lanyard are very well set to support the maximum possible weight. This Nike sport black suitcase asked almost no maintenance to keep a new look. Just a wet sponge and voila.

Nike Brasilia duffel bag

The price counts just as much as the style when you’re about to buy a suitcase Nike. To be a suitcase perfect, its price must not exceed the price of the bag Nike you’re set.

With this Nike Brasilia’s gym bag, you have the style and the price not expensive. In addition to being very affordable, the suitcase is also ultra light: 600 g for dimensions of 50 x 25 x 25 cm (L x w x H).

Come if add pockets on both sides and the large storage inside the travel bag Nike to this to make it even more perfect. The lower part is more waterproof.

For your comfort, the lanyard is adjustable and the handles have a VELCRO closure.

Nike Golf sport backpack

If you often move on foot, by bus, by train or by plane, this port Nike bag is made for you. She is practical and has multiple pockets to facilitate its storage.

This Nike suitcase even has a special compartment for shoes with a zipper so that they are not piled up with your other business.

For your air travel where the weight of baggage is always limited, you can bring a maximum of thing since this sport Nike suitcase weighs 500g.

And, if you’re looking for a backpack large enough and convenient to carry your Essentials in the gym, namely your sports accessories, sneakers, water bottle and held, will that satisfy you.

Suitcase on wheels Departure Roller III

The good thing about the suitcase Departure Roller III resides on its practicality. Easy to move, to maintain and store, will not only make your pleasant travel.

This Nike suitcase wheel is provided with a retractable handle so that you can roll with two rubberized wheels.

Two handles including one on the length and a width allow you to wear it at your leisure.

Like many of the Nike bag models, it also has several pockets and a special compartment for shoes.