Bridge and Pininfarina Bags

Two historical brands of the Made in Italy come together to create a high quality collection.

It is a collaboration between the two historic brands, The Bridge and Pininfarina, a collection of bags, folders, messenger and trolley that this fall will be for sale in stores. A collection presented at Fashion Week male with an event at Cusani palace, where some dancers staged a choreography dedicated to the movement. That of The Bridge and Pininfarina is a collection designed for travelers and the man of the new generation than for leisure or work is always leaving.

The collection is full of bags of various kind, but also of accessories useful for the free time.Two distinct lines: Legacy and Tech.

Legacy consists of vintage handbags and purses made ​​entirely of leather and leather and processed in a traditional way; and it is here that one can see the strong influence of The Bridge.

Otherwise, the line Tech is made ​​leather and fabric, and is inspired by technology. Here, the shapes and the colors are more distinct and modern and in both collections each piece is made ​​with particular attention especially in the care of the detail so as to ensure greater comfort in any situation. “The idea of collaboration was born spontaneously,” said Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina. The reason for this partnership? The tradition in the care of the details and the vocation for made ​​in Italy has always been shared by both companies.