Braccialini Handbags Review

Flowers, saddles, fans and tambourines. The mysterious sensuality of the gypsy world in the autumn-winter 2013-2014 collection of Braccialini.

We are accustomed to the particular forms and bright colors of its bags and also for the collection fall-winter 2013-2014 the brand of handbags and leather Braccialini did not disappoint. A story that has lasted for 60 years; He ran 1954 when Roberto and Carla Braccialini opened the first leather workshop. Intense colors, in shades of red, emerald green, purple, peacock, yellow, black and gold characterize this collection, expressing the poetry of the nomadic spirit, thanks to some of its symbols, like the tambourine or horse riding.

Suggestions folk

Each bag impresses with his fantasies, decorations and the combination of colors, which are inspired by folk influences. So trunks, bags, postwomen, clutch are enriched with embroidery and decorations, maxi fringes, hot prints and brocade fabrics that make living the ‘mysterious elegance of the gypsy tradition. Every detail, from studded suede effect, tends to reinterpret the glamor of the brand, known for its patchwork of materials and shapes. Even the ‘floral element is very present in the collection, the maxi bags to accessories, with embroidery on the chenille tapestry flavor and real flower arrangements made ​​with leather petals.

Line Themes, masterpieces of craftsmanship

Three new proposals Topics Line still tell when the craftsmanship of Braccialini, with essential items on makeup bag, through the composition of original bags. I am the range, the horse riding and the tambourine. Three themes for bags and accessories, which represent the grace of the Gypsy, the ancient history of the people and the music and the rhythms that accompany it. From mystery and richness of detail with Clio and Clio Special line, with precious models consist of pearl embroidery, stones and Swarovski of brocade fabrics. Finally the refined trunk Carla, which reinterprets the classic trunk by cutting the front pocket and floral decorations.

Wanted Vintage Braccialini

Do you have a Braccialini bag, perhaps inherited from her mother or grandmother? It’s time to take it out and make it a beautiful photograph. In fact, to celebrate his 60 years Braccialini inaugurate a museum inside its headquarters in Scandicci, where will exhibit the most representative creations. To compose the puzzle of its own Braccialini archives asks an aid, to the women who have loved these bags, to find all models of the 50s, 60s and 70s. If you also want to participate in the realization of the Braccialini museum sent an image of your Braccialini Vintage in by 28 February.