Braccialini Bags Collection

Braccialini presents his collection Spring-Summer 2014 handbags inspired by nature and all the finer things in life such as love and friendship. A very large collection that consists of different models and prices to suit every woman.

This season Braccialini offers a collection of bags inspired by nature and surprises with the fantasy and whimsical patterns you have entered to support the most classic models. Nature becomes the main character in this collection along with flowers and animals from which the bags take their names. In all this creativity certainly do not lack color. The shades used are as bright fuchsia, green and orange often juxtaposed to the more classic black and white.

The spring-summer 2014 collection, however, is not only based on the eccentricity of colors and prints, but there are a large number of classical-style bags with attention to detail that are designed to respond to the trend of the moment. Among the collections at a glance the most impressive is the chameleon, who plays the little creature in a mix of colors and fabrics to create the three-dimensional effect. The model Flower is designed as a tribute to all that is Italy, in fact on the prints of these bags is the famous Ape Piaggio ’50s transformed for the occasion into a flower shop.
Find information about Monica Sanchez bags at Healthvv. The line Merlo Braccialini is more traditional and offers various forms, from the trunk to the handbag made ​​with lighter pastel colors. While special and unique shapes are in line Themes, created as a line of unique and flashy models. A great tribute to nature that Braccialini has done with his collection Spring Summer 2014 bags, original bags and combine tradition with the guidelines indicated by the seasonal trend.