Biker Backpack

We saw the equipment and the equipment that it is always better to lug around when doing a bike tour to resolve any mishaps. The question now is: “where do I put all this stuff?”.

The most practical and economic choice is that of the backpack. On the market there are several solutions, like backpacks designed by specialized companies: Camelback, Osprey, Ergon, campingtopgear. Failing that you can safely opt for any backpack from capacitance range around 15 liters.

How do I use it?
1. Devoting a rucksack for their excursions so to already have the material ready before I leave.

  1. Separate the contents of the Backpack by type, so as to maintain a good order: you can use simple plastic bags resistant or fabric, or (particularly for mechanics and EMS) soft plastic containers.Avoid using metal boxes, hard plastic or glass containers: in case of a fall can be very dangerous.
  2. IF the backrest has a good padding, the advice is to store all mechanical tools (or heavier) at the bottom of the backpack, lessen the feeling of weight and the imbalance during posture.

How do you wear it?
Biking the backpack must be worn with the shoulder pads a little stretched than when you use it for walking: this way activates it on the neck (but don’t overdo it, to prevent the backpack rubbing with hips and buttocks). Many also have thoracic and ventral straps, which must be used to prevent the backpack continues to move to the back. Moreover, to prevent pressure in the cervical area, it is wise to choose backpacks with shoulder straps spaced at least 5-6 cm.

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