Big Bag for Ladies

Yesterday, two of the participants in one of my courses possessed. They showed me. To my question, “So, is it good? You use? “They answered me with a beautiful set, discouraged gesture in support:” Well … no, not really. The organizer remains in my bag but I did almost nothing in dishes; it is not so practical.”

Let me explain: in recent years, fashion is the big purses. Well, why not.

Yes, but, suddenly, these large bags have no inside pocket. Or just a small zip. So what do the ladies who want to organize and change bags regularly? They buy either this:

Or (worse, from what I glimpsed) this:

I myself got screwed.

Not that I have bought (because I am a firm believer of “if I have a bag, he better have plenty of pockets inside”) but I remember with pain of this article , in which I was shown one such bag organizers.

MEA culpa.

There, that’s it, an FBI: it looks good (even an organization consultant may be to have) … but that’s not good.

Mea maxima culpa *.

* Getting organized is easy: the only blog where, The author speaks of organization … but from within Latin.