Best Bags for Holidays

Even if the suitcases to flexible or rigid hull know a passion unparalleled travelers, the backpack remains an essential reference for traveling light and without constraint. Luggage market offers a variety of models and sizes to meet all travellers regardless of their destination. If you are looking as well a multi-function backpack that fits several activities, wear your choice on the backpack legendary brand Eastpak Padded.It is a model cult part of our comparison of bags back the most trend of the moment.

The Padded backpack is distinguished by its young and friendly look that makes him a background lionized by many travellers. But not only is a backpack reference who knows a real success with students mainly thanks to its resistance and its practicality.In recent years, this collection of the brand Eastpak backpacks keeps talking to her. Nothing but its structure and robustness can satisfy the needs of all travelers, even the most skeptical. Whether you’re looking for a adventure for a weekend or school use, the Padded signed Eastpak backpack inspired simplicity and practicality. Everyone probably the style that suits him thanks to his palette of colours and patterns. Discover the assets that make Padded bag backpack pioneer.

Assets and strengths

To travel efficiently, the backpack from Eastpak Padded is a better choice. Much appreciate it for its storage capacity satisfying enough for two days and even a binder A4 business.

In the first place, no one can challenge the resistance of the bag of the brand EastpakPadded. It’s a baggage that promises an optimal robustness thanks to its manufacturing of high quality material which is cordura. Its design is very robust to deal with regular and intensive uses. Besides, its warranty 30 years indicates that this is equipment that has been designed to last over time. And that’s what makes the reputation of the Eastpak brand.

Among the highlights of the Padded backpack, note the dynamic look that will appeal to both the adventurers that students. It is a backpack with authentic, simple, but effective design that will accompany you everywhere you go. It is no shortage of style and eye-catching that you wear on your back or hand. Whatever your style, you certainly find a backpack that will stick to your liking among the cool colors and stylish patterns.

The Padded signed Eastpak Backpack also has the advantage of having a large enough domestic capacity this is to contain the strict necessary for a trip short or to academic affairs including a binder A4 or a Kit not expensive travel. Thanks to its small size and its harmonious dimensions, this carry-on is approved for travel in the cabin of the plane with some companies air lowcost.

The backpack from all angles

Combining to perfection resistance and lightness, the Padded backpack stands by its unsurpassed practicality and fresh design. That is why, he seduced all the age categories. A backpack with stylish and handy which will make pleasant your trip and your daily life. Now let’s look at the specific features of this bag.

Look and ability

It is no coincidence that the Padded hand baggage is so famous in its category. In comparison with other models in the same range, it is a backpack that shines by its young design and its current ultra style.This look is appreciated as much by the adventurers than by pupils and students. In addition, it comes in a multitude of colors and patterns for everyone.

Padded travel bag has always been known for its resistance thanks to its high-quality design that uses the cordura. It is a ultra resistant fabric that gives it unmatched strength and high resistance. Moreover, this fabric is reinforced by a highly waterproof canvas, which ensures optimal protection of all your cases against moisture.

If you do not pay additional excess baggage costs, you have to choose the Padded backpack that enters the dimensions required in the cabin L30 x H40 x P18 cm. You will be amazed at its weight pen of 350 grams for a total volume of 24 litres.

For which the internal storage, this travel bag offers its users a large interior compartment zipped. For better storing your accessories, you can use the large zipped pocket on the front.

Closure and security

For access to the main compartment, Padded of Eastpak backpack is provided with very resistant zipper combined with reflective zippers zippers. Allowing it to be very useful regardless of its use.

However, for maximum safety, it is necessary to integrate him a TSA approved padlocks to facilitate control if you travel to the United States.

Transport and handling

If we take a look on the side convenience, the Padded backpack is acclaimed for its remarkable maneuverability. He has the distinction of having thick and padded adjustable straps to wear it comfortably. In addition, his Sweatshirt back that guarantees distribution of the weight of the bag in a uniform way to not feel its heavy weight.

Finally, enjoy a flexible top handle if you want to wear your backpack with the hand in the lower position.