Best Affordable Briefcases

The satchel? Since you’ve spotted one of Mulberry on Alexa Chung, you worship! The only problem is its price … Not really an option. Good news: Cosmo has selected 10 bags to satchels soft prices. Follow the guide…!

Originally, there is this bag. Yes, the one in the picture there: the Alexa Mulberry bag, a wallet-binder called the name of the British it-girl.

The brand had indeed noticed that Alexa Chung never left the model Bayswater claw.

Emma Hill, Mulberry’s creative director, then decided to repeat this model by providing here and there some changes that would embody the personality of Alexa.

Shorter handles, a handle, a few extra loops and strips most impressive: an “it bag” was born!

That’s the theory.

In terms of practice, once you have discovered this bag, you pushed small cries of ecstasy: FINALLY, the bag of your dreams was born! Practical, perfect size, the stylish touch more: it was heard, Alexa was for you. So you dragged your spats in the first corner came Mulberry. And then tragedy struck: your baby, yes, YOUR bag was sold (and still sells …) to a totally shameful price: € 850 for the base model, and up to 1000 € for the XL model . Ouch!

Since you have done everything to forget. But deep down, you know … this winter, you want a new bag, a trendy bag, a practical bag. And satchel damn dangerously continuous tickling your desires!

Before definitely get angry with your bank, see the selection did for you: the briefcases are still aware of the winter 2010/2011 fashion trends, models tributary!
And if you are told that these models are offered from 35 € … we bet you’ll love us!