Bags Trend Fall Winter 2014

At each change of season, you revel in the idea of ​​renewing the operation. But what is it? Of course your wardrobe!Every year it’s the same thing: you go on hunting coat and handbag you’ll love love throughout the winter season! This year, what are the handbag trends autumn-winter 2014 2015? You are told all about chic backpack, the messenger bag, leopard bag and zebra and winter pastel colors. cheap brand handbag or purse: each found the hand of his dreams bag … at least for this season!

After discovering what were the trends autumn winter fashion 2014 2015 and the shoes fall winter 2014 2015 you decided to go further (although you wear your nickname fashion adventurer). You want to discover the autumn winter 2014 2015 trend bags and you are right!Here is a description of the major hits of the season for the  accessories cheap or brand trend this winter will have no secret for you!

Trend Bag autumn-winter 2014 2015: the cover is worn shoulder

If cover is a timeless, nay, a must this winter it is adorned with a link or a feminine chain. If you’ve always loved to accessorize your outfit an evening clutch, you must recognize that it is sometimes impractical. The  winter jacket in 2015 aims to be more easy to wear without losing its chic. Adopt the day or night, it has the perfect size to take the necessary without the clutter.

Fall-Winter Trend bag 2014 2015: the animal print

This winter, bring out your wild side, dare leopard look or zebra… by touch. The animal trend, ultra glamorous, is a hit of the season. But no question of abusing the total look! Ideally, the leopard handbag or zebra enhances your winter outfit and gives pep!

Fall-Winter Trend bag 2014 2015: the backpack is chic

Who said the backpack was reserved for high school students? The backpack adorned the finest materials and colors to urbanize your look. Rock or romantic, it breaks the image of girls too wise and is an ally of fashionistas all terrain.

Trend Bag autumn-winter 2014 2015: minimalist bag

The bag is an accessory that every fashionista should have in her wardrobe! Why? Because you can wear it to the office as a romantic date. Conclusion? There is multitasking at and we like the idea. This winter, the bag is simplified to offer a minimalist version, radical chic.

Fall-Winter Trend 2014 2015 Bag: Winter pastel

Did you like pastels this summer, you will love this winter! Softer and more nuanced, it breaks the monotony of the look “total black” you tend to adopt (the influence of time!). From a pinkish beige to light brown soft: you will love. If the colors burgundy and blue Klein have not said their last word, the trend of the year is the colors “halftone” easier to carry, they provide as much dynamism to your figure!

Fall-Winter trend bag 2014 2015: bohemian purse

It was all on us a little side  hippie chic. This winter, our stock market is ethnic, studded, zebra, silver… One thing is certain: it does not go unnoticed!

Trend Bag autumn-winter 2014 2015: Round pocket

Our heart stroke of the season! The little round pouch was all good: big enough to fit our key, small enough to carry the day and night. Bonus? Its original form which is, frankly, adorable and charms that can be added to cool. It is found on the Moschino fashion shows, Olympia Le Tan and Alexander Wang (among others).