Bags New for Spring 2015

This spring as to accessories will not make us miss anything, including square shapes, soft buckets and backpacks in trendy colors.

This year the spring will be felt also and especially with accessories, so choose well shapes and colors of your next bag because it will make a difference.
But you prefer a comfortable backpack or tote bag with endless space to Mary Poppins or a clutch tiny but of character, the important thing is to be recognized at every opportunity.

The time of the backpacks

One of the trends of 2014 which, thankfully, is not going to abandon this spring is the backpack revisiting in casual chic key. Say goodbye to the backpack Invicta of your adolescence and welcome to these new backpacks that have nothing to envy to the hand or shoulder bags and are certainly more comfortable, give fewer problems with the back and are perfect for getting around the city, even by bicycle (especially by bike!).
If you do not have one in the wardrobe, remedied subitissimo: for example from Zara or Asos find them easily in neutral colors and trendy.

Back to college

Also this spring, the college grants will not abandon us, but it will turn into backpacks and small clutch bag. In addition, all the buckles that characterize this style will find themselves also in other smaller and larger bags, in all possible interpretations, so watch out for details!
To feel a bit ‘at Oxford every day, mini clutch Guess bicolor is the ‘accessory you need.

Shapes and softness

As for the shapes of the bags of this spring there will be a net alternating between opposing soft shapes and square shapes. Rectangular and precise as those of Patrizia Pepe, to the bucket (the one of Tod’s polka dot!), To bag in worked skin, but also from the strange geometric shapes and new (Armani rules!), the bag is transformed and changes in a thousand ways.

Dare, dare, dare

Warm colors, fluorescent colors, colors loads and pastel colors, geometric and floral prints: it seems not miss anything this spring, but the materials and textures will be very important.Green light to the perforated (such as Tod’s in pastel colors), trawling the winter catwalks, tooled leather or suede (like the Zara bag), but mainly pplications as fringe and feathers(fringes will often find, are an example the Zara and Guess bags, but the feathers Sisley are not to be missed!).
in short, one word: dare.