Bags Louis Vuitton Collection

All models of the new bags signed by the French fashion house Louis Vuitton for the spring-summer 2014.

Who does not dream a bag original branded Louis Vuitton, one of the most popular fashion house women especially with regard to fashion accessories such as, precisely, the bags.

If the new advertising campaign of Louis Vuitton bags for the collection spring-summer 2014 we had already anticipated some of those who would be the new models that we will find of the season, all new it-bags proposed by the brand were presented at the ‘abandonment by the Parisian fashion house of the iPhone 4S bag.

Specifically, the model bags Noé, a reinterpretation of the iconic bucket designed by Gaston-Louis Vuitton. Bags, which are both solid with various energetic color shades, perfect to show off for the summer like orange, fuchsia, purple, blue and ivory or with the classic LV monogram canvas. Other version-always the bucket-are Petit noé, Noé NM and NM Petit Noé, all made ​​of leather and slightly larger than Noé, in addition shades like yellow, mint, blue and red.

The other proposals of Louis Vuitton for the spring-summer 2014, very elegant and classy, ​​ranging in variety of models, such as all the classic hand-trunks Speedy 30, proposed in various sizes-from the smallest to the largest, and all with the ability to be worn with a shoulder strap. Bring your shoulder instead are the maxi bag Neverfull: Available in various different models, and comfortable to use all day long,  within them contain a removable pouch to bring even alone. All with the iconic LV monogram, of course.

For the evening are perfect elegant and refined clutch Louise Chain made  ​​of leather with golden buckle and chain “LV”. Beautiful models in black. But here is also the clutch and clutch Sobe, available in various sizes, delicate and super chic, it is proposed in the paint by the tones of burgundy, white, black and gold.

The bags of Louis Vuitton spring-summer 2014 can be purchased very easily online. The fans of the genre and shopping are warned!