Bag Color for Summer

Fancy colors to accessorize your outfits this summer? But what to choose when you have not used?

Rose, I dare? Blue, can I? Green, I agree? I give you my opinion on the colors to wear this season!

Rose, I dare?

Of course! It’s a color that reflects the vitality and the PEP, and she is top to accessorize your basic outfits. Black pants or jeans, a simple white top and a lovely bag pink firecracker, which makes all the difference. Believe me, we’ll turn on you, similarly you envy!

Blue, can I?

Yes, Yes and Yes! It is the color of this summer by excellence, so enjoy! In addition, blue goes with everything, you can also wear your blue bag with a little thicker black tunic next winter… so why not?

Green, I moderate…

… because even if summer is the season of color, green is typically more a tint of winter, I find.

But don’t panic, just wear one of its summer variations, and voila!
Apple/lime green will be perfect for sunny days, as rather pastel mint green, it’s just the trend!

Red, it moves!

As for any season, I find that a little touch of Red reflects perfectly the youth and dynamism. So I would opt instead for a small model, rather worn slung history of having your hands free (very important when you move a lot in output, in concert or festival for example). With the lips or fingernails matching, see shoes (why not?) is the top!

Dark, at night.

Black is a basic, essential. It is also a must at fancier parties or trips to the restaurant. If you don’t want to miss you summer as at all times, it will make your perfect companion!