Backpacks for Men and Women

Bag backpack

More common in Anglo-Saxon countries, suitcases bags (like Deuter Traveller andOsprey Farpoint for example) are an interesting alternative to traditional hiking backpack. Among the round the world champions, 12% of women and 3% of men choose this type of bag.

Backpacks for Men and Women

They are actually designed for backpackers.They offer a large compartment which opens completely , as a bag, which allows access much more easily to the content. Even if they are a little less adventurous, they still offer good wear comfort. They can be used in trek, even if the weight distribution is not as optimal as with a hiking bag and are generally heavier. In addition, they often incorporate a small removable bag, which comes to the big zipper bag.

Sylvain, which is however a big fan of trekking, uses this type of bag (a Caribee Jet Pack )

The Osprey Farpoint souvre entirely, like a suitcase

Different bags for women and men?

Today all brands offer different backpack models for women and men. The main differences are:

  • The height of the back: backpacks Women have a shorter back size.
  • The carrying belt: the female models, it is often larger and more inclined, it often has an extra cushion that follows the upper basin
  • Straps:the distance between the shoulders is different, the shape of the straps is not the same, they are narrower at the chest level and are designed to adapt to the morphology of women.
  • Chest strap: it is often placed on higher ground to less hinder movement, although today the straps are often height adjustable, even for male bags.

The Loaded Weight

The results of our survey, the average weight of the bag is the same for women and men: 15 kilos. It’s too much ! And it is not we who say it’s you. We asked what they would change round the world champions if it again.Many have said, “have a less heavy bag.”

The weight of the bag is normally proportional to the weight of the wearer. The weight of the bag is often said that should not exceed 15-20% of the weight of the wearer, and yet, this ratio is used for simple hiking and not on a journey of several months backpacker mode. A bag of 15 kg corresponds to a weight of 75 kg. Many round the world champions (and especially women) therefore carry a heavy bag too. So be sure to respect this maximum ratio for all of your equipment (big bag + small bag).

Beyond the health of your spine, traveling light has many advantages: more comfort, more independence, more speed, more freedom, more simplicity, more discretion, less fatigue, less stress. ..:

It is quite possible, according to Nonprofitdictionary, to reduce the weight of your hiking backpack:

  • establishing an exhaustive list of objects you want to take and weight
  • reflective, line by line, it is possible to do without and eliminate unnecessary
  • wondering if there is not a lightweight alternative

Without necessarily going to travel with a bag of five kilos as our friend Romain, we recommend you read his article full of advice to lighten your purse .

If you are traveling with family, parents will be forced to carry heavier bags: between 17 and 20 kg. Children can also bring a small bag, but it does not take its weight exceeds 10 to 15% of the weight of your child .

For more information, see our article on the equipment .

The Curb Weight

The curb weight of the most frequently used by round the world champions bags vary doubled: from 1.7 kg for the Deuter ACT Lite or Millet Ubic to 3.3 kg for Deuter Traveller . Your bag will be the heaviest item on your package. However, do not look at that weight. Indeed, a more efficient carrying system, offering good comfort over time, usually weighs a little bag. Overall, it is therefore necessary to make a choice between less weight and less comfort or more weight and more comfort.