Backpack for Cabin Luggage

What does a backpack mean?

The best image to define what is a backpack is that of school and university years. The backpack is to differentiate the cabin bag and travel bag.

A backpack has two shoulder straps, one or more handles of portage and the times of the side straps. As the image projected in the beginning, this is the bag of college students.

Except that air travel, to choose a backpack of cabin.Compared to suitcases and bags of cabins, this is easy to carry, can contain as much baggage and costs less.

Purchase conditions depend on several criteria including, capacity, weight and price. Especially not to worry, because the aircraft cabin backpack is as elegant as a suitcase, if you choose bags of great creators.

Why choose a backpack in the cabin?

If the suitcase or travel bag are commonly chosen for air travel, the backpack has its place completely. The evidence, all the brands of luggage have at least a dozen models of backpack size cabin.

First, the cabin size backpack is less bulky than suitcase or travel bag. The bag on the back, the traveller will have its two arms free to carry other luggage. And what an advantage from a long list.

Advantage to prefer the bag back to the cabin suitcase

The cabin backpack is light thanks to its mode of carry on both shoulders. Made with fabric, it facilitates the storage of business, and no loss of space is possible.

Not to mention its maneuverability. On the back, you can use both hands actually. If a cabin of a regulated size suitcase can hold less than 40 l, we can find a backpack 60l in the cabin without exceeding the standards of airlines.

A sacred advantage if you have many items to put in the cabin. The carry-on backpack is perfect for parents travelling with young children.

Another significant advantage is its form according to Homosociety. Backpacks for cabin baggage do not have as much superfluous detail as suitcases: rigid handles, telescoping handles, not retractable wheels. That increases the chance of having more space for luggage.

The different types of backpack

A backpack as luggage has not yet fully place among travellers, except trotting globes.The image of the backpack reflects childhood and immaturity.

However, since known creators have put their oar in, backpack hiking cabin seduced a large target.

The concept is the same: bag with two straps, portage on both shoulders. The design however differs between the leisure, trend bag bag and sports bag.

-the bag leisure for youth: the design is fluid, simple, with flashy colors, either details of teenagers: patterns, images.Choose according to your desires and your budget. The capacity should be around 40 litres.

-the bag trend, to be stylish in every detail: If the backpack for travel in the cabin you interested and you love fashion, you will find shoes at your feet with high-end brands.

Leather, crocodile or snake skin, backpacks trend will be an ideal companion even for the first class.

-the sports bag for trotting blogs: great, with lots of pockets, it is the kind of backpack 50l for cabin air travellers.

How to choose his backpack?

Adults are the most difficult. We will give you tips to choose the backpack for the entire family. Children will be attracted by the colors and images.

The backpack with the most stability for the back will be less negative effect for them. And choose the fabrics or resistant materials: leather, polyester, synthetic leather.

As the portage is on the shoulders, the length of the bag may exceed the bottom of the back of the child. For adults, if you want to save, choose the best cabin backpacks.

Ten years without renewing his backpack, it’s enough. If you like cheap cabin backpacks, the models are not lacking.

The criteria for choosing his cabin backpack

How many liters? How many kilograms? With one or more straps Portage? With or without pockets? Zipped or with cord?

And the price, how much to spend for a compatible backpack in the aircraft cabin?Here, now you know what criteria for the backpack allowed in the cabin.

The capacity and weight

Backpack 40l in cabin or cabin max backpack? The capacity is part of the selection criteria. It depends on the duration of the trip, for taking luggage, but most of the limit given by the airline.

To do this, refer to their regulations. A backpack Easyjet cabinfor example don’t exceed 25 l. Yet it is a little difficult to travel with a single company.

In this case, buy, if you have two bags: medium and large. Otherwise, choose the average capacity, he always happening. For weight, it is especially the luggage you will see the weight of your luggage.

The portage

At one, two or more modes of portage, a travel backpack should be comfortable for the wearer. A backpack mono strap often has a triangular shape. It is not quite comfortable to wear.

Double straps are the best-selling and most widely used. There are different forms: padded for less fatigue, without padding, doubled, etc.

Walk or stop travellers prefer types of bag Kipling backpack with padded portage. If the trip is not to wear the bag at any time, choose the cabin Eastpakbackpack.

For children, always choose the double portage. The backpack to several ports, reserved for the blog-walkers and hikers, possess two straps and straps of safeties on the chest, stomach and hips.


Here, the choice is very personal. What design found on the market? Everything! And that is a significant criterion. Color, form, grounds, mode locking, cloth, pockets, are a few details to be taken into account.

The price

For the price, any budget can afford a small backpack in the cabin. Between 10 and several hundred euros, the price can drop in promotions.

The new models are more expensive. The old, cheaper, but with no outdated design, are available for much more cut-rate prices.

Choose cabin backpack

Here is our choice based on its type. You see, what will be your and criteria of choice.%0