Backpack Advice

It is a question that comes up very often, and I thought I could give you my tips for choosing a backpack. Your backpack, in your trip, it’s like your friend who follows you everywhere … So also choose the island as required, and love it! There are so many brands, different models and sizes that it is very easy to get lost and not knowing where to turn. To have shopped my backpack last year (I did all Quebec stores probably hihi), here are my tips for choosing the backpack best suited to your style of travel.

# 1. Choose the size of the backpack

40L, 50L, 55L, 60L, 70L … What to choose? It depends on the type of traveler you are. Did you used to sleep under the stars or in a tent when traveling? If so, you probably need to bring your camping equipment, which take up space in your backpack, obviously. If you are more the type of youth hostel traveler or guesthouses you can reduce the size of your bag.

My advice

Do not take too big a bag. Why? Because if it’s too big, you will fill it. It often ends (very often) like that! So you be hanging more weight than what you really need, and you will eventually get too. Travel light as much as possible.

Grandeur of my bag: 55L. I consider this is the perfect size for the type of traveler that I am, if I travel less than a month, I do not filled, often because it is a sign that I will remain virtually the same place and that I so have one season to brave. By cons, if I trip over a month and I have to deal with cold and hot temperatures, I have enough space in my bag to bring winter clothes / spring and summer clothing. With 55L, I managed to pack all my life for 75 days of travel, with clothes to brave temperatures of -2 degrees to 40 degrees. … And I still had room in my departure from Montreal (not in my back hihi). Well, it’s the size of my bag, but go according to your needs! It is only an indication.

# 2. Check the storage type offered by the bag and the number of compartments

There are some backpacks being loaded from the top, others from the front. I HIGHLY recommend the bags being loaded from the front. I bought one that loads from the top, my boyfriend bought one that is supported by the front, and I must admit I was jealous of her bag all along our journey. He could open like a suitcase, when I was still too much hassle to find stuff at the bottom of my bag. The only advantage to having a loading backpack from the Newvilleoutdoor, and you still have to say is that it is made stronger (yay).

also prefer a bag with multiple pockets, where you can store for example your shoes or your underwear, or your wet clothes.