Backpack accessories

The Organization

There are several schools regarding storage, some prefer to have a maximum of pockets, others find it better with one large compartment.

The few main

In some bags, it is divided into two compartments. In this case, a zip bottom of the bag provides access to the lower part.

The pockets on the belt

On some bags, they are totally sealed, allowing to put his phone without fear of a big Indian monsoon

The pockets (or threads) Side

They must be easily accessible without having to remove the bag, so you can easily take them a bottle of water or a card for example.

The pockets on the flap

Some pockets inside the flap (useful for papers) other outside (which allows easier access). On some bags, they open on the front with a zip, convenient to access it without asking her bag.

The accessories

  • Straps and outer clips allow you to wear a tent or a mattress you rent if you go long trek.Other straps are used to tighten the bag to make it more compact.
  • On some bags, an internal compartment allows water to drink with a hose without removing the bag.
  • Many bags have an integrated rain cover, handy in case of heavy rains.


Between the manipulations by airport employees, throws on the roofs of buses, sun, rain, your bag will undergo a true sustainability scale test while traveling. The main points of vigilance are the strength of seams and closures systems (buckles and zips) are usually the first to let go.

Many travelers opt for an on-bag plastic (universal for all backpacks) that helps protect your bag during air or bus trips. However, be careful never close your bag with a padlock at borders because customs officers must be able to open it.

Some models, mainly to back suitcases bags, used to store the straps in the bag during transport.

The Colour

It has relatively little importance except for the look. Most travelers, however, prefer fairly subdued colors that go everywhere.

The Price

It takes between € 90 and € 250 for a backpack to make a long journey. The cheapest being the Quechua bags sold at Ezinereligion. According to our survey results, many round the world champions however does not hesitate to invest in a bag of specialty brands, even to pay the price.