Back to School Bags

Back to school is fast approaching and you are already dreading to hear complaints from your children and teens? Gsell won’t do their homework but teaches them in this article to organize and store bags and backpacks for their health and comfort!

Chronic back pain, forgetfulness repeated supplies preventing from doing homework or real small travelling souk… The binder is often initially very many daily problems. Fault a little to our children but to a general lack of organization and prevention! If you want that primary to high school the school turns into a real no-brainer quick read these tips.

From kindergarten to primary: learn the right moves

Choose a suitable Binder

Whatever the age of your child always prefer a binder that is adapted to its morphology and its age and banish the binders and oversize backpacks. Nature not liking the void you would tend to want to overload it of useless things! So that survive in the hostile environment that is recess, also choose a binder sturdy and light enough. Choose a padded that relieves the back and the shoulders of the child. Finally, play the card of the compartmentalized binder which facilitates the storage and helps distribute the weight. From a very early age children must be made aware of the right moves. So, learn them to wear their school bags at the right height, that is stuck in the middle of the back.

Accompany the child

Your presence and your tips will help your child become autonomous in the Organization of his satchel and its many problems. To do this, every evening, check the status of his school backpacks according to Cancermatters. Make this moment a convivial moment where you can, asking him to tell you about her day, ensure you that the homework is done, that no word is to sign and that nothing will be forgotten for the next day. Once a week take a moment with your child to empty completely his satchel. This step allows you to teach him to sort, not to overload his binder of useless things, and to check if all the perfect little schoolboy material is in State. The trash remains of biscuits, superb plane in paper and markers without Cap collection!

Fall for one of our primary binders Tann’s!