Archival Clothing Backpack

If you are currently looking for a backpack both robust and practical, manufactured only in materials of high quality and resistant for several generations, I suggest the Archival Cloting brand. First, all the bags have a simple design that makes them the ideal companions for everyday use. Increasingly, they are manufactured with high quality materials that gains character over time. Founded in 2009 in Eugene, the second largest city in the State of Oregon in the United States, the Archival brand manufactures its entire collection in the USA. Each piece is stripped of extraneous features to reduce the use of materials.

By the time I write this article, Archival brand is distributed only at the shop Wannaccess, an exclusive for the France that I have the pleasure to share forward first. I had the chance to test Roll Top model, a backpack US style totally timeless vintage which I think, follow me long. Ideal to keep belongings safe and dry in all conditions, Roll Top is slightly larger than the Rucksack. It is also ideal for bike rides, walks in the forests and above all, it allows to deal with elements such as rain, if you want to dry clothing or a laptop for example. You can find this model carried the look called ” Blue Sunday “. » .

All fabrics used by Recipesinthebox in the manufacture of backpacks come from the United States. The cotton strap is made to measure anything for the Archival brand. Each bag has a very robust single closure that ensures unmatched durability. Although the bag was initially a bit stiff, it becomes softer over time without losing his tenacity. Leather when to him, comes from the tannery Horween in Chicago, famous for its very high quality leathers. The material used for the rest of the bag is solid brass that came from England, the Japan and Taiwan. The brand pays attention in the choice of materials in order to offer a bag that stands out from the competition. Mission successful since the bag is simply sublime and is likely to be passed down from generation to generation…