Alviero Martini 1A Classe Bags

You have spent down your first weekend out? The ones that make you feel even if from afar the sparkling summer air? Ok, maybe the climate was not for nothing on your side and ruined some day out, but sooner or later will come the hot days, when you just open your eyes you will want to spend two days in the open air, at sea or visiting some beautiful city. Do you want to take care of every detail of your trip out of town? Certainly you can not neglect the look, not even that of the travel bag that will accompany you in your little adventures out of town. It ‘just thinking about your trips to the well-known brand 1A Classe Alviero Martini proposed for 2010 “Geo Wild”, a line of handbags and travel bags.

Besides, who better than the well-known brand, the trip is in his DNA and you can feel it already for a first look at the product, he could think of to equip yourself with all the necessaire? Elegant and discreet, in keeping with the style of the maison , bags proposals for spring-summer 2010 associated to the fabric printed with the famous fantasy Geo -which has been around the world conquering celebrities and not only since its variant more classica-this time in taupe color, treated with pumice, calf in dark brown leather. Lived, as the bag of a traveler doc should be, this is the final appearance of bags of Geo Wild online, thanks to the particular style that seems to entrust the story of thousands of trips to distant destinations and unexplored is suitable to you how your men. A unisex line then, to spend the adventure weekend like real explorers.