Aesthetic and Functional Features of Design

Nava was born in 1970 thanks to the collaboration with important international designers, creating a strong bond between “design” and its products.

Designing and developing the right balance between functionality and aesthetic sensibility, which are central to the philosophy Nava.
The high quality materials, the quality and the ‘Innovation express a design that goes beyond pure aesthetics.

Over the years, some products have become icons in the world of international design and are still present in museums and design foundations in the world.
Currently, Nava world has declined in 3 catalogs leather goods, stationery and watches that communicate through a single language “Design”.

The products can be purchased through the  online shop  or in Via Durini in the flagship store in Milan.
The Fagship Store is an exhibition space of 180 square meters, on two levels, designed by Anna Maria Conte of Studio Soncino of Milan.
The journey in the design follows a common thread: an essential concept in light tones to best enhance the image of the proposals Nava.

The exhibition layout prefers a combination of special materials-painted glass and metal-to make the hospitable and charming. Important steel and glass chandeliers and lighting techniques, widespread within the space, create a pleasant lighting game.