100 Years of Handbags

Diving in the handbag.

This is what gives us the Mode.com website retracing 100 years of this accessory named desire.

After 100 years of swimwear, wedding dresses or manicure, the site

Mode.comattacks the bag, accessory faithful to our daily and have been for decades!

This video reminds us indeed at the beginning of the century already (1916), women did not leave their purse and that it followed a true evolution fashion until today. Or how to revive the memories by operating a return to the fun time.

Show me your bag, what it contains and I will tell you who you are

Handbag 20s, to contemporary pouch, via the XXL bag with handles … In substance that shows what time travel. As a way to remind us that fashion is cyclical tirelessly: some vintage models have not finished their little effect!

And if not contained in these bags? Their continued Has it changed over the years? We accept that it is particularly revealing of the time. Thus, in 2016, the Selfie stick , the iPhone, the key holder scratched scratched on bag, headphones gold are what range, comb, matches and gloves were in 1916. The striking contrast. But he never lacks style.