10 Tourist Backpacks

1.Zádový system or back to back backpack sit

Backs are a key part of the bag. A properly designed back system ensures not only the strength of the backpack, but also ventilation to your back excessively sweating.

The offer includes the following LOAP backpack bag systems:

  • I AAS- adjustable air system I
  • AFS- air flow system
  • AVS- air ventilation system
  • ACS II- comfortable air system II
  • SBS- Solid back system

More detailed descriptions of each type, refer to the technology.

Straight back backpack adhere more to the body, therefore, they should be equipped with padded raised itself above the back panel. Creates between you and backpacker gap through which the air will flow freely.

Some hiking and biking backpacks specially designed support system, which makes the back panel arching toward the center of the bag, so it does not stick to your back. The air can between you and carefree backpacker flow.

Another useful feature is the ability to back system settings and customize your character.

2.Anatomicky shaped shoulder straps

Another essential part of the bag – shoulder straps. Among the most stressed parts of the backpack. Today hiking backpacks abundantly produced with an anatomically shaped

straps, which follow the shape of the body. Often softly padded to protect the front of your shoulders with painful bruises. Just try to remember what it is, carrying on his shoulder a heavy valise only cloth strap. Terror! Nothing like a backpacker experience you do not want, especially when fully loaded.

3.Prsní clutch

For the shoulder straps stay a little longer. Again, look at them. Did you find breast clutch? Great! And do you use it? If so, you have a point

for good. If not, correct it. Breast clutch stabilizing straps, so you can finally stop falling from the shoulders. The constant return of the straps to the right place is really a nuisance, so keep the clutch is always enabled.

4.Bederní belt

From the chest to move a piece which at the tooth and looking hip belt. Urban backpacks him often lack because they do not carry a substantial burden and assumes

removing them frequently. Proper hiking backpack without it but can not do. You may be looking at a hip belt never thought of, but it’s really important detail. When properly adjusted, a backpack can significantly lighten his shoulders and carry on themselves a substantial part of the total weight. Like the shoulder straps hip belt is reinforced and turn it buckle.

5.Integrovaná raincoat

As a true tourist occasionally avoided the rain. As a good tourist, you know, and so you have a backpack waterproof jacket with a hood. But you think in the backpack? Now you might say that it is probably not necessary, but it is. There is nothing worse than after a day hike in the rain soaked clothes to unpack and not have to do nothing to change. Backpacks with integrated rain cover are the ideal solution. Poncho is always cleverly hidden, and its low weight at all is felt.

Deliberately, see if it has your backpack. For Loap is hiding in an inconspicuous pocket at the bottom of the backpack, just below the waist belt. It is attached to the inside of the bag that you can not lose path. If you do not have it, we encourage you to buy more ponchos under that fit only you but also your backpack. On the catwalk it will not, but you will be dry.

6.Vnější handles and eyelets

The outer handles are simply great. If you use yourself actively, certainly you give us the truth. You appreciate them especially during long tours, when you are trying to pack as much as possible. Bag

nor they are inflatable backpack, yet can cleverly use their outer side. Handles usually find at the bottom of the bag. Do you have there? If not, you probably miss, but once you try, you will not want a backpack that is about them being ripped off. These mounts are ideal for hanging bulky boots, thermos or mats.

7.Vnější and interior pockets backpack

Hiking backpack is definitely not ignore sufficient number of pockets. Great stuff, although store in the main chamber, but the fish in the frequently used small items such as a wallet, it is quite annoying. Choose prefer backpacks with smaller pockets that will allow things cleverly spread. Popular and widely used are the side pockets of netting, in which the content can immediately see and quickly fish out. For backpacks pays to have zipped pockets on the lid or the bottom side. Ideal is right on the money and documents that need putting out way.

8.Spodní and top filling cap

2 ways of filling encounter mostly in large expedition backpacks. You can cram both the top and bottom. Highlight tend inside the partition wall, which you can turn, thus

create two independent chambers. Two ways of filling allow cargo cleverly deployed so that you quickly when needed should be given to the sweatshirt.

9.Nastavitelný canopy

With adjustable cap or lid will meet with expedition backpacks. Setting gives you more space. If a fully loaded backpack, you can cover with straps to enable and use the newly acquired space. Conversely, if less filled backpack, you can download lid straps.

10.Boční compression straps

Compression straps on the sides allow you to compress the volume of the bag. Their tightening load inside the backpack constrain, and he will not budge. For ease of unpacking is necessary straps

enable it again.

We are on target. His backpack and backpack you are subjected to a thorough check and we hope that you are satisfied with the result. If not, choose your new backpack menu tourist Loap.